Why Transparent Canada?

Promoting openness and transparency in the Canadian society by transforming the challenging, unsystematic, disorganized, difficult to reach public records into trivial and obstacle-free information gateway for every Canadian and presenting them in a well-organized and consumable format.


Freedom of information and the right-to-know by every Canadian is fundamental for the advancement of our society.


Open data and unlimited access to electronic public records promotes equal and unbiased treatment of individuals and groups under Canadian laws and encourages citizens to protect their rights.


Government openness and transparency, at all levels, acts as a safeguard against public-office power abuses and acts as anti-corruption tool in the government decision-making process.

Featured Categories

Access Housing Data


The ability to afford a decent and dignity-preserving place to live is an early step towards a decent society.

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Access Public Safety Data

Public Safety

Living in a safe place for is a key point for a better life.

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Access Immigration Data


The opportunity to pursue a better life in Canada is better equipped when combined with data evidence.

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Mission: Set The Data Free!

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